Hi there, my name is Leo!

I´m born in 1978 and live on the westcoast of Norway.

I´ve been playing music for over 20 years and I run Frog Leap Studios, where I have been recording bands, playing live shows and doing video work for the last several years now.

At the moment I´m fully concentrated on the whole youtube adventure since it has really taken of lately, so I don´t take bookings in the studio at this time. My colleague Arvid still does mixing jobs, so anyone interested can send him a mail at lydtekk@gmail.com.

On my YouTube channel I try to release a new cover every friday, as well as doing other videos like vlogs, gear stuff and everything in between.

The best way to support me is to buy my music, be a Patreon or get some merchandise. Loudr is the site I get the most back on and you get the songs in Lossless FLAC format as well as mp3 (you can also choose your price). It´s also available at Itunes, Amazon & Google Play.

The Patreon site works like this:

You choose an amount you wanna support me by pr video (its only the music videos) and you get a direct link to every song I´ve done to download. You only pay for the upcoming videos, and not the previous ones.


Can I use your songs for my youtube videos/twitch stream etc?

Yes, as long as you don´t just rip my whole video and reupload it.

Do you have tabs?

No, sorry. But I have backingtracks available at the Patreon site and videos on how to play selected songs on my youtube channel.

Do you sell physical CD´s?

Sorry only digital sale of the music at the moment. I have collected my covers into several albums at the online stores.


Chapman Guitars: http://www.chapmanguitars.co.uk
Toontrack: https://www.toontrack.com
Cleartone Strings: http://www.cleartonestrings.com
Aalberg Audio: http://aalbergaudio.com
TC Helicon: http://www.tc-helicon.com
Ortega Guitars: http://ortegaguitars.com